Youth Clinic a star service

Medical Records & StethoscopeThe Youth Clinic remains the Hub's star service for continuing to provide access to the most fundamental opportunity for youth – their health.

The event's ability to provide youth-tailored, friendly, professional service and care is excellent, due to support from a wide range of local medical groups.

It provides youth in our Shire (aged 12 to 24 years) with bulk-billed access to doctors, counsellors, youth workers and psychologists in the Hub's familiar environment.

We thank our supporters at Three Rivers Health, Bellingen Healing Centre, North Coast Medicare Local, and Bellingen Shire Youth Services for making this very regular event possible.

The Youth Clinic also has its own direct phone line: (02) 6655 1121. Use this to make appointments if you prefer.

Chill out space as open as ever

The Hub's facilities are as safe, open and available as ever for all youths seeking a place after school to hang out and chill out for fun in the common room, food in the kitchen or our computer room for homework.

We also provide free Wi-Fi for a variety of needs. Entertainment technology, like our projector used for movies, and physical entertainment items like our ping pong table, are available on demand.

Young musicians (and those seeking to learn the way of the tune) are also welcomed to use the music room space during this time, as long as no other group has hired the space.

As always, chill out sessions are open after school hours only.

An exciting year ahead

In 2015, the Hub's management will be using information from the new survey to ensure that we are meeting community needs and continuing to produce great opportunities for youth in the Bellingen area and surrounds.

We will see our very-popular Youth Clinic (once again, a weekly event every Thursday from 2PM-6PM) returning this year, continuing to make it easier for youths to get medical treatment in a familiar and comfortable environment from professionals.

Rivers Dance classes are becoming a major focus in the Hub's exercise area, and art programs in the Hub's ArtPark have continued.

Vocational learning will also be opening up, with the Hub hosting; a Certificate II in Business Studies being run by Kapow, Distance Education run by Camden Haven, and a Certificate IV in Training Assessment being offered by the Australian Institute of Vocational Trainers (get in quick!).

A First Aid course and Barista training will also be available for youth.

Bellingen Shire Youth Services (BSYS) will be continuing to run after-school activities every Tuesday.

The Driving Simulator is continuing its vital role in improving youth driving skills in the area, and related programs such as Two Way Street will continue to develop and expand as more of you take part.

The Hub is continuing to evolve as a venue for meetings, events and interaction for all ages, with facilities that cater to broad areas of the community. 2015 is set to be an exciting year for the area.

Term 4 Schedule

The Hub's Term 4 schedule has come together for plenty of regular events, listed below:

Mondays Kung Fu at 4PM (Bello EYE at the Hub now cancelled)
Tuesday Rivers Dance Studio 3-8PM
Wednesday BioDanza 2-8:30PM
Thursday Youth Clinic 2-6PM
Friday Rivers Dance Studio 3-8PM

More events will be announced here and elsewhere, so stay tuned!

Pow-Wow Parenting Support Group

"It takes a village to raise a child."Bellingen Shire Youth Services (BSYS) is now running a monthly "Pow-Wow", for parents to share and listen to knowledge and wisdom about raising their children.

At 6:30PM next Wednesday, the 27th of August, come to the Hub for an evening of conversations, tips and laughs.

Experienced guest speakers will be available to answer questions.

Drinks and light snacks provided, all you need is a gold coin donation and your thoughts.

Contact Tamie or Magdalena for more details at (02) 6655 0167.

Rivers Ballet Studio moving to the Hub

One of Bellingen's most stimulating, enjoyable classes for lovers of dance is making the Hub its home on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

River's Ballet Studio offer pre-vocational training in Cecchetti Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary & Hip Hop styles for Boys & Girls from 3 years and up.

They are the longest standing Ballet school in Bellingen, with over 150 students already enrolled for 2014.

Call Meryn at 0421 812 835 to enrol.

Youth Clinic returning this August

Chinese word for medicine, or cureAfter a short break, our well-loved Youth Clinic event is changing, and we are pleased to announce that the event goes weekly from this August!

A doctor and youth workers will be available in every session. A psychologist will be available every fortnight. This will place many critical youth health needs within our community within reach of their solutions.

The service is bulk-billed. Clinics will be held at from 2PM-5:30PM, every Thursday from 7th August.

If you are interested in reserving a time for a specific service, or looking for more information about the clinic, you can call: (02) 6655 1121. You can also simply drop in at the Hub on the day.

BSYS activities every Tuesday and Wednesday

BSYS logoBellngen Shire Youth Services (BSYS) continues to make essential contributions to the Hub's mission to support positive outcomes for youth and their well-being. The service is supporting the youth of our area with casework as well as hosting many wonderful activities every Tuesday and Wednesday after school hours.

Activities for our "chill out" evenings include everything from art work and crafts like flag-making to movies. The service means that youth have a safe place to relax and hang out, something highly prized and the envy of youth in any town without the facilities of the Youth Hub.

For youth who need to talk about personal issues, there is the option of individually meeting with BSYS caseworkers Tamie and Magdalena.

Young people interested in this assistance can discuss matters and issues ranging from family matters, to advocacy, bullying/abuse, drugs, alcohol, friendships/peer pressure, health, and parenting.